Aaron Hillis: Inhuman Idiot Film Critic?

September 16, 2010

What does a connoisseur of erotic gay cinema think of a documentary that’s trying to save children’s lives?

First-time film producer Dr. Rutledge Taylor’s new epic/call-to-action on DDT and malaria, “3 Billion and Counting,” opens Friday at the Quad Cinema in New York City.

Sadly, Left-wing media is already on the attack in its typical ad hominem, knee-jerk, ignorant and misanthropic ways. Take Village Voice movie critic Aaron Hillis who opens his commentary on the film as follows:

“The death toll is mounting,” shrieks the tagline of this dawdling, hysterical documentary that may as well be named Every 12 Seconds a Child Dies From Malaria, and Why Haven’t You Done Anything About It?

Compare that with Hillis’ opening line in his review of “No Impact Man” last September:

The bold environmental project Colin Beavan began in the fall of 2006—to expunge his carbon footprint by giving up material consumption, electricity, non-local foods, and basically all worldly pleasures in Manhattan for one full year—was always destined to have some naysayers crying “publicity stunt.”

So to Hillis, eco-self-flagellation is “bold” while trying to save millions of real children from dying real deaths from a preventable disease is “hysterical.”

Hillis criticizes “3 Billion and Counting” because it,

… hinges only on Rutledge Taylor’s findings…”

Aside from the fact that any documentary filmmaker can only ever present his findings, Hillis omitted mention of the numerous opportunities in the film that Taylor provided environmentalists and other DDT opponents to defend themselves. For the most part, DDT opponents don’t take Taylor up on his offers because they aren’t willing to defend their indefensible actions on camera.

Hillis objects in ad hominem fashion to Taylor’s vilification of William Ruckleshaus and Rachel Carson while erroneously writing that malaria is responsible for “hundreds of millions of deaths each year.” [Earth to Hillis, the annual malaria death toll is on the order of 1-3 million per year. If you had paid attention to the movie, you wouldn’t have made such a basic mistake.]

Aaron Hillis is too stupid to realize his good fortune in growing up to be a Manhattan-based film critic — as opposed to dying before the age of 5 years, which is what happens to about a million African children every year due to malaria. Worse, perhaps, is that once presented with uncontroverted facts about this ongoing tragedy, Generation Me’s Aaron Hillis is too callous to care.

Until he can complete some sort of program in compassion/humanity/empathy, maybe Hillis should just stick to reviewing films more up his alley, like gay zombie movies.

15 Responses to “Aaron Hillis: Inhuman Idiot Film Critic?”

  1. […] critics have long been on my list of most useless careers, but a couple have proved the point this week, yawning their way through the story of how many people malaria has needlessly […]

  2. galight Says:

    Something else I just thought of…
    have you ever heard of a “cur” dog? It is a dog that will not let the other animals eat .. even tho .. it itself is not interested in the food they eat. That about sums up this Aaron Hillis dude.

  3. galight Says:

    I wouldn’t spend too much time on someone who disses this information, since they obviously have not checked out for THEMSELVES .. and just repeat emotional banter to distract everyone else. I have gone to http://www.3billionandcounting.com and am amazed at all the information, not only about DDT and how it is NOT a poison, but information about bed bugs and various other things. Plan to see the movie when it shows up in Atlanta. Until then, can anyone tell me what was in the 9,000 pages that no one even bothered to look at before Dr. Rutledge Taylor did, for his film? Someone said it will show DDT had plenty of scientific support to keep it from being banned. Does he tell us in the movie .. exactly what it said? Just wondering

  4. attention1 Says:

    This is all about a power grab. In the early 60’s a “conspiracy” to take over the United States was hatched up by a group of folks. The term “ecology” was invented in Germany in around 1871 by the german zoologist Ernst Haeckel. This “ecological model” was incorporated by Adolf Hitler,and was quoted in his Mein Kampf. He used this as one of the various means to rise to power and pass environmental laws. This ecological philosophy later transplanted itself to England and later on the United States were it began to permeate the culture. The “beat” generation of the 50’s started with several ” naturist ” from Germany moving to the United States. Their views began to spread and morphed into the ” beatniks ” or hippies in the 60’s. A group of these folks found a cause upon which they could build a scaffolding to rise to power and take over the United States government. The “cause” they used was DDT. Their motto was “assume the government’s function”. They cut their hair became lawyers, scientists and began in unison a paper war to take over the United States. An endless battle of litigation using DDT as the “buggy man” to save the “ecological system” and made up pseudo scientific studies to scare the population. The result was just like in germany during Hitler’s time. They assumed the government’s function and since then have held positions in all of it’s ramifications. The collateral damage of DDT being used as a scapegoat for their power grab has been 3 billion and counting deaths world wide from malaria and a ever growing momentum of social “control” policies subjected upon the american and worlwide populations. Today to further their agenda the new “buggy man” is CARBON. The results of this assault on carbon and the carbon footprint which touches upon every aspect of our lives will be much the same. Millions upon millions of deaths worldwide and a systematic take over of every aspect of our daily living. I for one do not welcome this infringement upon Freedom. So if you value Freedom go and see how this horrific hoax was pulled off as detailed in the movie 3 Billion and Counting and visit the website: http://www.3billionandcounting.com

    • bevsview Says:

      I AGREE! Go see this Amazing documentary, 3 BILLION AND COUNTING by Dr. Rutledge Taylor, and SEE FOR YOURSELF! This film exposes the myths, lies, and coverups surrounding the banning of DDT by the EPA, without scaring the daylights out of you. Once you KNOW THE TRUTH, you can never again not know it.

  5. worldwatcher1 Says:

    I read a review of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring by a guy called Baldwin. He wrote it back in 1962. One particluar point, which he made caught my attention:
    “Just as it is important for us to be reminded of the dangers inherent in the use of the new pesticides, so must our people also be made aware of the tremendous values to human welfare conferred by the new pesticides. No attempt is made by the author to portray the many positive benefits that society derives from the use of pesticides”.

    So pesticides may not be the harbingers of doom that we’ve been taught to believe? I saw a preview of 3 Billion and Counting in LA – it blew me away. It blew my preconceptions away. There is a website at http://www.3billionandcounting.com which gives a lot of background on this Dr Taylor. I admire him for the work he has done in bringing this to light. Thank you!

  6. movielib23 Says:

    Hills is getting savaged in the comments section of his review. He’s getting quite an education he’ll no doubt ignore.

  7. adrianvance Says:

    DDT is not a “nerve poison” as has been reported by the panic press, but a halogenated hydrocarbon designed to suffocate mosquito larvae and kill the vector for malaria.

    Malaria prone areas had great success controlling the Anophales mosquitoes with petroleum, particularly Kerosene, but it is flammable and evaporates slowly. They needed a chemical that would not burn or evaporate. Chlorinating ethane produced the perfect molecule, but it harmed Pelican eggs when they swallowed fish that had DDT on them.

    Enter Rachel Carson with a thirst for money and fame. She wrote a panic pushing book the major media headlined and we were off and running to the cliffs of conservationism, communism in beards and sandals.

    Rachel made a few million Dollars, the eco-freaks and one-worlders were thrilled, but 100 million people died and Rachel belongs in the books as the greatest mass murderer in history.

    Maybe, just maybe, it will be over soon.

    • tonyrohl Says:

      My father worked for Ortho Spray Chemical and used to eat teaspoons of DDT to convince farmers that it was safe to use on their fruit trees. Chlorodane, another banned chemical, is also not a threat to humans, but was the best chemical to treat homes with termite infestations.

  8. henrybowman Says:

    I admit I haven’t seen the film, and I haven’t studied the statistics. But here’s an obvious question this column leaves unanswered: if the malaria death toll is “only” one to three million people per year (and the statement “every 12 seconds a child [or at least a person] dies of malaria” fits comfortably in this ballpark), then a film entitled “Three Billion and Counting” would have to be describing a situation that has gone on from 100 to 300 years. Alternatively, it could be describing a death toll over (say) 40 years (roughly the interval in which DDT has been banned) if the mortality rate ran slightly under a hundred million deaths every year. So where is the basic disconnect in this math? Where does the “three billion” come from that this film claims?

    • tomblvd Says:

      “I admit I haven’t seen the film, and I haven’t studied the statistics. ”

      Nor did you bother to take a few seconds and click on the link to the website. The number refers not only to deaths, but to all those impacted by the disease. You don’t have to die from malaria to suffer.

  9. welder4 Says:

    If it were a tea party person that said let the children in Africa die of malaria they would be branded a racist right away or left away.As far as worrying about our population lets let it take care of its self, seems like natural means is better but at the same time it is a crime to deny the DDT for these children in Africa or else where in the world . they are using DDT there now but not enough. I do have a wish and that is I hope and wish that every one that is a progressive get bed bugs and no DDT to combat them with . Truth be know I would think the manufacturers of furniture and bedding in other countries are responsible for the bed bug invasion.

  10. bobrgeologist Says:

    Banning DDT turned out to be responsible for the malaria death knell for at least one
    hundred million children in the third world.I
    wonder if it was Green unintended consequences,
    or Machiavellian tactics for population control. However, I do not see how our planet can support the projected 9 billion homo sapiens by the year 2100.

    • trentonjh Says:

      I wrote a paper on this several years ago. In my research, I found that even the UN estimates that our planet can support up to 36 billion people.

      “The earth is full; there is enough and to spare.” -God

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