Sony, Kyocera bail out of violent climate video outfit

October 4, 2010

Sony and Kyocera Mita are no longer listed as sponsors of the violence-advocating 10:10 climate group. (h/t Paul Chesser)

Click here to see the letter we sent the companies last Friday.

In addition to Sony and Kyocera leaving 10:10, Caterpillar, ConocoPhillips, Deere & Co., Xerox and Marsh & McClennan have abandoned the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP).

Is corporate support for the green agenda melting faster than the Arctic ice cap?

7 Responses to “Sony, Kyocera bail out of violent climate video outfit”

  1. jpmillerwp Says:

    Oh, yes, I sent a letter thanking Sony for pulling out.

  2. jpmillerwp Says:

    The environment should be clean and healthy to promote the life, health and happiness of men, women and children not to detonate them. One could almost be convinced that when the environment has clashed with the needs of men that it was because groups like 10:10 wanted a better world for man. I have never been so convinced of the malicious intent of greens as when I viewed this video. They do not love the environment. They hate man.

  3. cnuge33 Says:

    I am a big fan of Monty Python. The Brits just have a slightly different sense of humor than we do in the US. I actually laughed. I thought it was terribly funny.

    Of course it is not real. Let it go people.

    Oh, rgoulet. I recently read that the ozone hole is actually decreasing thanks to bans on chemicals that bring havoc onto it. Check yourself. I’ve been wrong a couple of times in my life!

  4. rgoulet Says:

    I’m a greenie. Not the sky is falling type, but rather a “green capitalist pig.” If it makes financial sense to do something green then do it. If it makes you feel good to be green, be Kermit. But if I choose to not live in a yurt and don’t ride my bike to my organic mushroom farm don’t bitch.

    I strive for energy independance because without it we will never stop radical Islamists. They get much of their funding from the people we buy our gas from. That is beyond cutting off our noise to spite our face.

    I sent an email to 10:10 and told them they have hurt the entire environmental movement. Their sycophants’ in big business and big government are hurting all of us who want to address the environment on a local or regional basis. What I do will never impact the amount of ice at either poles.

    By the way does anyone know what happened to the Ozone hole?

  5. bobrgeologist Says:

    Carbon phobia has become a far out religion. A mindless belief that transcends reason. Man’s input of carbon is so minor that normal climate variables such as the PDO, La nina and El nino, have limited any real increase in global temps. to 0.7 deg. C since the industrial revolution began around 150 years ago, and there has been little or no warming during the past 15 years. I cannot believe warming is a problem because our planet is still in the Pleistocene ice age, in the fifth interglacial period, with glacial ice still in our polar regions. Our world temperature is several degrees cooler than it was in the age of the dinosaurs. And, the only thing standing between us and another 100,000 year glaciation is a healthy greenhouse gas.

  6. […] From Steve Milloy at his blog Green Hell. […]

  7. henrybowman Says:

    Sadly, all this proves is that many major industrial players eager to be viewed as “socially conscious” are nothing more than sycophants who fall on their backs for whoever pressured them last. They don’t really “support” any agenda at all — they just want to be popular and avoid the political “swirlies.”

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