WV Guv takes ‘dead aim at cap and trade’

October 11, 2010

Democrats haven’t done much to earn anyone’s trust lately, but here’s West Virginia Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Joe Manchin trying to make amends in a TV ad where Manchin literally shoots a cap-and-trade bill. Manchin gets an A+ for this effort.

C’mon John Raese… let’s see you top Manchin’s ad!

2 Responses to “WV Guv takes ‘dead aim at cap and trade’”

  1. archaeopteryxgr Says:

    That is the approach (but I am in the wrong country for that…)

  2. pa32r Says:

    Well there’s a surprise, a W.Va. Senatorial candidate taking a brave stand against cap and trade.

    In other shocking news, Idaho candidate stands firm against a tax on potatoes.

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