The Junkman goes to vote…

November 2, 2010

… behind the green curtain in the Peoples Republic of Maryland.

As I pulled into the garage at my polling place, the University of Maryland at Shady Grove, I was prevented from parking my Ford Expedition in the first convenient space because the best spaces were for:

Note that these spaces weren’t even for the handicapped or pregnant women. They for politically correct greenie-weenies who drive cars like this:

I hope the driver of that car never has the misfortune of running into anything larger than a Kleenex box.

So I was forced to park on the 4th level β€” I mean the “Recycling” level:

The sickness of it all became clear when I got off the elevator on the first level β€” I mean the “Earth” level:

Fully primed to vote, I completed my mission of voting against every sitting comrade in the PRM.

BTW, in the spirit of Alaskans-who-think-they-are-entitled-to-be-Senators, I wrote in Lisa Murkowski for Maryland Attorney General. The sitting comrade-AG had no other competition.

11 Responses to “The Junkman goes to vote…”

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  2. johnnylucid Says:

    LOL! That’s exactly what I did, Steve: voted against ALL the incumbents. However I used a few college classmates’ names for the write-ins. πŸ˜‰ I was spared the green wienie stuff at my polling place, Wood MS on Bauer Drive. Only navigational hazard, non-threat actually, was the bake sale in the lobby for a school trip. πŸ˜‰

    Long live the Peoples’ Republic of Maryland, the Not-So-Free State. “Marty, kiss my ass!”

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  5. artesian1 Says:

    Where is Ralph Nader? That lawnmower should be “Unsafe at Any Speed” including parked! He took away my 1965 Corvair but lays off these green concept cars – Does he not understand the irony?

    • csainte Says:

      CO2 emissions are really about fuel economy in disguise. Less is more?

      As far as fuel economy goes, mechanical engineers are running out of tricks. Their is only so much energy in a unit of fuel.

      Of course if we lowered the speed limit and made cars out of bamboo and paper mache we could improve mileage. At the cost of lives.

  6. welder4 Says:

    How about a skate board those would work out well on the expressway. You would not have to cut any one out of a skate board either but you may have to cut them out of something else ,like a wall or a spare tire, some one’s face or a grille.

  7. welder4 Says:

    Do people actually put their lives in danger like that to satisfy the likes of Gore and his kool aid drinkers . the cars could not sustain an impact from a tricycle much less a semi truck . I agree with the other posters about leaving the parking at the first places for the fuel intense cars as you will put more carbon out by forcing them to drive farther up to higher levels, but common sense was never an attribute of environmentalists.

  8. tinkertailer Says:

    I love it! If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

  9. Robin Says:

    If logic were incorporated; you’d think the first available parking spots would be saved for the fuel intensive vehicles, thus preventing the longer drive to hunt for a recycling level.

  10. rbg1138 Says:

    The U of M is so hypocritical – they force non-fuel efficient cars to drive longer. Why not put the go carts in the spots farthest away? (it’s all nonsense as is)

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