Pelosi Channels Stalin to Retain Leadership Post

November 6, 2010

House Democrats may have missed their golden opportunity to rid themselves of the pathologically narcissistic leader that has nearly destroyed them – just like the Soviets missed their best chance in late-June 1941.

After having purged his army generals via show trials in 1937 and after having utterly ignored numerous intelligence reports that the Nazis were going to invade the Soviet Union, Joe Stalin was terrified when the Nazis actually did invade on June 22, 1941.

But he wasn’t scared because the Germans were slaughtering his armies or gaining vast swaths of territory (largely because he refused to give orders to counterattack), he was scared because he reasonably believed that he was going to be deposed (and worse) for his disastrous miscalculation in trusting Hitler.

In the immediate aftermath of the invasion, Stalin vanished from Moscow, absconding to his dacha where he hid, trembling. When prime minister Vyacheslav Molotov finally got a hold of him after about a week or so, Stalin imagined that the Politburo was coming for him.

But shockingly, the Politburo wasn’t angry with Stalin. Instead, the sycophantic group was desperate for his leadership. The much-relieved Stalin got a grip on himself and resumed active leadership of the nation and its armies.

Thus, the Soviets thus lost the opportunity to rid themselves of a most destructive and vulnerable leader.

Fast forward to November 2, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blithely told the media on election day that she was confident of Democrats maintaining control over the House of Representatives — arrogantly ignoring every shred of information to the contrary.

Then in the immediate aftermath of the 60-seat wipeout — a destruction that was courtesy of her forcing House Democrats into becoming kamikazes for an extreme legislative agenda — Pelosi laid low for the next couple days, probably uncertain of what to do or say.

Later in the week, House Democrat survivor Heath Shuler (NC) indicated that he might challenge Pelosi. But other Democrats remained mostly silent. No chorus of Democrats called for Pelosi’s ouster.

Apparently sensing that House Democrats were too shell-shocked and too afraid to rightly direct their frustration at her, Pelosi relocated her cojones and announced on November 5 that she would seek to retain her House leadership role. Thus Democrats probably lost their opportunity to rid themselves of perhaps the worst political leader their party has ever had.

The self-resurrections of Stalin and Pelosi have two key elements in common – an absence of conscience (no guilt over the havoc they wrought) and the bully’s situational awareness for coward exploitation (”Wow, these pusillanimous wimps really don’t have the brains and/or courage to get rid of me, so I can still be queen bee.”)

Some may view these self-resurrections as heroic manifestations of courage and steadfastness. But in the context of the circumstances and other relevant facts, a more apt characterization of this behavior involves pathological narcissism.

Of course, it’s not too late for Democrats to save their party from a leader with harmful psychological issues. But they will have to realize that Nancy Pelosi is just another vain and power-crazed bully, not the winged goddess of victory-in-2012.

But like skeptics were most pleased that the greens selected the polarizing and truth-and-lifestyle-impaired Al Gore to be the face of global warming alarmism, House Republicans are no doubt licking their chops at the prospect of the nationally unpopular and publicly rebuked Nancy Pelosi being the face of House Democrats again.

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  1. rcramden Says:

    The love of money is the root of all evil.

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