Not too bright about coal at the Washington Post

January 2, 2011

The front-page of the today’s Washington Post Business section features a lengthy article about investors and utilities shunning coal (Coal’s Burnout: Have investors moved on to cleaner energy sources?).

This photo took up about one-fourth of the front-page:

The photo was captioned:

In the battle over coal’s place in U.S. energy policy, President Obama hopes to prod utilities and manufacturers to switch to natural gas to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Sadly, that is not a photo of coal; it is charcoal. And charcoal is not coal. Not even close. This particular charcoal was obviously made from trees. It was not mined. It is not the same substance that provides nearly one-half of our electricity.

You may remember when, in March 2008, the Washington Post ran the image below of a hazy Beijing, attributing the haze to carbon dioxide — even though CO2 is invisible and plays no role in the formation of smog.

It kind of makes you wonder about the Post‘s opposition to coal since it seems to know little about it.

Memo to the Washington Post: The photo below is of the fruit known as grapes; but that does not mean they are grapefruit.

(h/t Johnny Lucid)

2 Responses to “Not too bright about coal at the Washington Post”

  1. johnnylucid Says:

    Thanx for the h/t, Junkman. After further reflection on WaPo’s article, it’s also occurred to me that WaPo missed some additional news items that ought to have been included. Namely that for all the clamoring of the professional environmental activists against coal and for natural gas, their minions are also doing all they can to disrupt the exploration and extraction of natural gas from shale as well as opposing improvements to the electrical grid, offshore drilling, etc. It will be a miracle if the press EVER gets around to pointing out that the professional enviros ALWAYS try to have it both (or multiple) ways, very much like Sen. John “I voted for it before I voted against it” Kerry.

    If only I had the W-2 problems of the executives of EDF, NRDC, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc. Plus why aren’t these groups’ governance ever questioned? As far as I know, of these four, Sierra Club is the only one that gives you a vote for your dues dollars – the rest of them are basically lawyering and lobbying firms.

  2. adrianvance Says:

    Ignorance is the most expensive quality you can have. Billions will be lost in this stupidity as there is no substitute for carbon and CO2 is a trace gas in air, insignificant by definition and responsible for 0.2% of atmospheric heating. And, I prove it.

    For conservative thought, science and humor see: The Two Minute Conservative for radio/tv hosts, opinion page editors and conversationalists. Now on Kindle in an illuminated format.

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