Wimp & Sellout Watch — No. 6

February 13, 2011

While we have high hopes that the newly empowered Republican Members of Congress will make every effort to fight the socialization of America, we are also aware that the GOP has an ignominious history of wimping- and/or selling-out, especially on environmental issues. Wimp & Sellout Watch is GreenHellBlog’s effort to spotlight the GOP’s weak links because:

In the 112th Congress, it should take more courage for GOP-ers to retreat than to advance.

Today’s update on potential wimps and sellouts to watch:

Rep. Mike Simpson. Environment & Energy News PM reported last Friday that:

A key House appropriator said today that he does not expect a disagreement over pre-emption of U.S. EPA’s greenhouse gas emissions rules to lead to a shutdown of the federal government.

A new law must be enacted by March 4 to continue funding federal programs. Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), who heads the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, said that while House Republicans feel strongly that EPA regulation of carbon dioxide should be prevented, he does not believe his colleagues will refuse to pass spending legislation if it does not include language to do that.

“I doubt it,” he told reporters, when asked about the conflict.

Simpson stressed that Republican leaders had no interest in the kind of standoff that resulted in a shutdown of the federal government in 1995.

“Nobody’s talking about a government shutdown,” he said. “Nobody wants a government shutdown. Leadership does not want a government shutdown.”

But Simpson did not rule out the possibility.

“Could it ultimately, in negotiations between the House and the Senate, end up there? Sure, anything’s possible,” he added.

Hey Rep. Wimpson, if there’s not a credible threat of a shutdown, then the  Democrats will not rein in the EPA — you can bank on that, buddy.

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2 Responses to “Wimp & Sellout Watch — No. 6”

  1. adrianvance Says:

    Sorry, it is not wimping out so much as “getting along,” “reaching across the aisle” and “pillow talk.” If you are a new Rep. or Senator and your wife gets shunned by liberals you are going to learn to drop your principles or you can forget dropping your pants.

    By 2060 women will dominate the professions, executive suites, the bench and every legislature. Men are going to have to learn how to stop and ask for directions, put down the toiled seat in the night, that farts are not funny or to be heard and a lot of other stuff we have ignored for a million years, but comeuppance is coming.

    Conservative ideas, science and humor at The Two Minute Conservative:: http://adrianvance.blogspot.com for radio/tv hosts, opinion page editors and you. Also on Kindle.


    Don’t these asshole know what “winning” is. Tell them to look up Vince Lombardi.

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