‘Carbon Nation’ to seduce right with Van Jones?

February 14, 2011

America’s wanna-be communists and their clean energy useful-idiots have a new documentary aimed at convincing the right that climate change is a problem and that clean energy is the solution.

“It doesn’t matter what’s causing the much-dreaded climate change” and “why keep funding terrorists” are among “Carbon Nation”‘s main — if not trite, semi-factual and silly — points.

But you have to admire the filmmaker’s ambition — to appeal to conservatives with a movie featuring Van Jones (admitted communist), NY Times columnist Tom Friedman (closeted communist) and Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers (USCAP rentseeker).

Some of the movie’s notable “alliances” include the CO2-hating 350.org and the shady, land-grabbing Nature Conservancy.

The movie’s clean energy advocates position themselves as “greenocons” — but isn’t that just one “o” too far?

You can watch the trailer and read more here.

3 Responses to “‘Carbon Nation’ to seduce right with Van Jones?”

  1. I can see why you may say it is the wanna-be communists. It is not the communists. It is the Germans, using leftover socialist marketing channels.

    Over in Euroland, we do not see communists, we see Siemens and Deutsche Bank promoting carbon clocks and “solutions” for a greener sustainable world.

    Check for correlation between Siemens infrastructure contracts in North America, and Democratic Administrations.

    Notice that until recently at least, every Green blog was sposnored by Siemens. Now I see other euroland utilities.

    It is all a beautiful, masterful marketing plan for electromechanical manufactured porducts made in Germany. Business strategy 101, complete with SWOT analyses, allies and the like. German planning at its best.

    They need a Western world carbon tax. Without the carbon tax, their CO2 certificates are not worth the paper they are printed on. Lots of euroland money in CO2 certificates. Lots of German exports rely on CO2 certificates.

    The Germans desperately need a US carbon tax, or they appear like fools at their own game. It is the Germans. Ever since 1990. The leftists are just tools. Putin sneers at climate change; then again he loves selling natural gas.

    I know I sound conspiratorial and strange, but I am putting together a little summary in English, and will send it over, and any ridicule is welcome.

  2. bobrgeologist Says:

    As usual our Greenies are totally confused in backing the wrong horse. They cling to a POLICY (AGW) without any science to back them up. We are still below normal temperature globally, with iced up polar regions. A condition that has existed over the past million years. We are in the 5th interglacial period (Holocene) since the last
    continental glacier (Wisconsin) began melting
    14,000 years ago (6,000 yrs to complete). Since that time temperatures have fluctuated a few degrees between warming and cooling at a frequency of roughly 1,000 yrs between changes. Presently temperatures have been rising by fits and starts from the depth of the Little Ice Age the past 1,300 years. Man’s input of CO2 began about 150 yeaers ago. It has been determined that the global temperature has increased less than one deg C in that length of time. This is the brazen falsification of climate data that has been supported by some climate scientists who have profited handsomly from Gov’t research grants. Rather than believing in dangerous global warming from this twisted loogic, it appears to me more likely that we are due for another ice age as long as we have polar ice caps.

    • harryb987 Says:

      bobgeologist, I totally agree with you. The evidence is just not there. On another point, scientists have always led us to believe that tree rings are a sign of global warming as they represent temperature changes over the years. There is simply no evidence to support this! Yet most of us believe it to be true. I think you might find this website quite useful:


      Makes for a very interesting read.

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