Carbon taxes boost the economy?

February 25, 2011

It seems an almost daily occurrence having “experts” and advocates tell us how paying more for energy will boost the economy.So how does that square with this statement in the Financial Times:

The rough rule of thumb economists use is that a 10 per cent rise in the oil price equals half a percentage point off global growth.

The statement appears unequivocal, increase the price of oil 10%, shave 0.5% off the economy – and that’s just oil remember, almost half of America’s electrical generation is coal-fired and the rising proportion of gas-fired generation would also be subject to carbon cost.

Do Democrats and watermelons really believe that increasing the price of everything makes people better off?

6 Responses to “Carbon taxes boost the economy?”

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  2. bobrgeologist Says:

    The thing burning my britches is the false doctrine of man caused global warming by the use of carbonn based fuels. There’s NO proof whatever for this hypothesis. Our problem through the ages is a sometimes inadequate sun. We have been thru 5 ice ages of 100,000 Yrs duration the past 800,000 yrs. The past 10 thousand have been in the 5th interglacial period. Now in the tropics it is only 4 deg C warmer than it was 22,000 yrs ago, at he last (5th) glacial maximum. Thus, if Earth’s climate doesn’t warm enough to remove the remnants of glacial ice at our poles, we are liable for a return of N. hemisphere, continental glaciation No. 6. This is the counterproductive result of our politico’s and Greenie’s determination to control global temperatures by trying to maintain glacial world temperatures with regulation of greenhouse gases. That they will fail badly, and beggar the world’s civilizations is a probability if we cannot knock some common sense into this stupidity.

  3. iheartagw Says:

    Anyway Obama may spin a cap-and-trade/tax approach to CO2 control, it in fact is a tax on both the lower and middle class. It would be yet another in a long line of failed campaign promises.

    • F. Swemson Says:

      And the whole world will be loving AGW too real soon, when we’re all freezing our a$$e$ off during the cooling cycle that’s just started.

      Too bad there’s no such thing.


  4. F. Swemson Says:

    “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” G.B. Shaw

  5. adrianvance Says:

    This is the thinking of John Maynard Keynes, a roundly discredited economist of the 30’s whose ideas have failed everywhere and every time tried.

    If taxes work so well let’s have 100% taxes, i.e. pure communism. Let’s see how that works. Well it is already at work in our Indian reservations and the only people who like it are the Chiefs and the evil people wanting to have a slave class. The young leave and do well in a free economy. Only the unable, unwilling and unbreathing stay on “the res,” as they call it.

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