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How to speed nuke permits: ‘Issue them’

March 1, 2011

At today’s House Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing on EPA’s job killing greenhouse gas regulations, Rep. Cory Power (R-CO) asked panel witness Dan Reicher — a longtime anti-nuke campaigner trying to position himself as some sort of “clean energy” expert — what could be done to accelerate the issuance of nuke plant permits.

While Reicher stammered and temporized, another witness (possibly W. David Montgomery of Charles River Associates) took the microphone and ironically declared, “Issue them.”

‘Clean energy’ central planning misfires in India

March 1, 2011

New Dehli’s experiment with “clean” natural gas turned out to be not so clean after all. Read the rest of this entry »

Arizona Public Service proposes ratepayer rip-off

March 1, 2011

Arizona Public Service is proposing a rate package that includes “decoupling” — i.e.: Read the rest of this entry »