Arizona Public Service proposes ratepayer rip-off

March 1, 2011

Arizona Public Service is proposing a rate package that includes “decoupling” — i.e.:

If approved, that would allow APS to collect a certain amount of revenue per customer regardless of how much energy was sold. Such plans essentially allow a company to earn more money for selling less electricity.

Wake up Arizona. Decoupling should be rejected because:

  • Pay more, get less. Consumers will wind up paying more for less electricity;
  • Rationing. Decoupling is the first stop on the pathway to electricity rationing; and
  • Anti-capitalist. Through government guaranteed revenues, decoupling undermines fundamental and traditional capitalist business practices and incentives.

You can also judge an idea by its advocates. Obama energy and environment czar Carol Browner, a former muckety-muck with Socialist International, promotes decoupling as means of forcing consumers to use less electricity.

One Response to “Arizona Public Service proposes ratepayer rip-off”

  1. adrianvance Says:

    Why did it take the power companies so long to figure out a way to beat the crap out of the “greens?”

    “You kill my power plant and choke off my coal and I’ll whip your butt!” It is just that simple.

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