Oregon Dems attack climate skeptic’s children

March 7, 2011

Democrat-run Oregon State University is apparently retaliating against climate skeptic and congressional candidate Dr. Art Robinson by taking action without cause against his three graduate student children.

Robinson put together the petition against climate alarmism signed by 31,000+ U.S. scientists and unsuccessfully challenged Rep. Peter DeFazio in OR-4 last year.

This could make Climategate look like a parking ticket.

4 Responses to “Oregon Dems attack climate skeptic’s children”

  1. reasonmclucus Says:

    This is a case of grand theft research. The biggest fear of graduate students is that they will come up with some brilliant idea only to have one of their professors steal it from them . In such cases the professor has an advantage because of his position. Most professors steal quietly with only the graduate student aware of the theft. At Oregon State such thieves function openly. Potential graduate students should be warned to stay away from Oregon State.

  2. cleanwater2 Says:

    While Dr.Art Robinson has more that 31,000 supporters, that know that Mann-made global warming is a complete hoax it’s time that the oregon state university becomes the property of Dr. Robinson and his three children and gets renamed.
    He has my support and many more true scientists,including Dr. Freeman Dyson; maybe a million or so. Go for it.

  3. keepdad Says:

    Wow! What a bunch of whores! Not only does the faculty attempt retribution against the children of an unsuccessful Congressional candidate BECAUSE of his views, they steal the work of these graduate students. The agenda driven should be flushed out of ALL universities, especially in the “hard” sciences.

  4. adrianvance Says:

    This has to be the last straw and we can only hope that three multi-million Dollar lawsuits follow this arrogance. Having grown up on a college campus as the son of two professors I can tell you that a small college is a banana republic without bullets. The BS that goes on between faculty members would make hundreds of trash novel authors blush.

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