Africa’s killer dares to criticize

March 9, 2011

Check out this galling interview of William Ruckelshaus, the EPA administrator who banned DDT. While Ruckelshaus is correct in criticizing Members of Congress for essentially being willfully uninformed on environmental issues, his criticism is astonishingly arrogant given his own willful (and genocidal) ignorance of facts.

During 1971-1972, the EPA held seven months of hearings and produced 9,000 pages of testimony on DDT. In the end, the presiding EPA administrative law judge ruled that DDT use presented no danger to humans health or the environment. Without having attended a moment of the hearings or reading a page of the transcript, Ruckelshaus banned DDT in the U.S. anyway. The ban was then exported to the rest of the world, resulting in the unnecessary deaths of tens of millions, including millions of children under the age of 5 years.

The willful ignorance of the unapologetic Bill Ruckelshaus is still killing millions today. He’s the 20th century’s only mass murderer to survive and thrive (as a venture capitalist) in the 21st century.

4 Responses to “Africa’s killer dares to criticize”

  1. cassidy421 Says:

    Maurice Strong’s UN AGW scam is funded by and benefits the greatest mass murderers in the earth’s history – the people who funded Hitler, financed his gas chambers, and have financed both sides in numerous wars and benefitted from debt service and weapons sales. HW Bush, owner of United Fruit and Zapata Oil, who signed the Kyoto agreement in 1992, has remained under the radar, along with his father’s fundraising and financing of Hitler. Edmund de Rothschild mentions Irving Mintzer in George Hunt’s video; an economist with a PhD in energy and resources, who published research on CAGW in the 80’s, based on computer modeling, not science. The US national academies AGW propaganda and SRI behavioral science brainwashing represent the ‘science’ of climate that’s the basis of government policy; NWO fascism. Liberal environmentalists are incidental; the only ideologies that are relevant are an obsession with domination, manipulation, and control of assets and the world’s population.

    [video src="" /]

  2. adrianvance Says:

    What we really need is a death penalty for corrupt Congresspersons, but could we run a country without legislators? I think we should try. Sounds like fun…

    Look for The Two Minute Conservative for more facts, ideas, analysis and humor.

  3. adrianvance Says:

    The greatest mass murderer in history is Rachal Carson. Her “Silent Spring” was a fraud. One of Dupont salesmen used to drink a teaspoon of DDT for his clients to show it was not poisonous, but it is a strong laxative so he had to have a toilet nearby. Too bad he wasn’t standing over Ruckelshaus at “the moment.”

    The Two Minute Conservative at: for radio/TV hosts, opinion page editors and you. New on Kindle daily.

  4. iheartagw Says:

    Fanatical CAGW’ers are calling for the death of AGW deniers when AGW is a completely trivial environmental matter, scientifically speaking. And here we have a man directly (but most ignorantly) responsible for the deaths of millions of people and no one calls him to account. Even today starvation is taking hold in the world because America is combusting our food for energy to stave off an imaginary AGW problem. More and more deaths due to radical environmentalism. The Greens are completely, categorically insane. Dr. Michael Savage is 100% correct, “liberalism is a mental disorder”.

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