Scoundrel CFL makers lobby against consumers

March 9, 2011

Light bulb makers, in the form of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, will be testifying against a repeal of the 2007 federal light bulb law on March 10 before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The trade group and its member firms have been making their lobbying rounds on Capitol Hill this week. According to the Clean Energy Report,

In arguing for keeping the standards, industry is citing the potential for any repeal to increase energy costs for consumers and undercut years of preparation by the industry for the new standards.

There is no evidence that these standards are anything but a giant consumer rip-off — i.e., we pay more for faulty and inferior bulbs under the false guises of saving the planet from global warming and energy efficiency.

Who wants to sponsor a “Boston light bulb party”?

5 Responses to “Scoundrel CFL makers lobby against consumers”

  1. co2insanity Says:

    I have a suggestion on what they can screw the CFL bulbs into.

  2. lighthouse Says:

    RE Light bulb makers, in the form of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association….

    = Yes, why would manufacturers welcome being told what they can or can’t make?
    Alarm bells all around!

    Ban the cheap unprofitable simple bulbs that people prefer to buy and use!

    More about the vested interests behind the USA light bulb ban, with documentation and copies of official communications,

  3. trashburner Says:

    The CFL makers can only complain about losing money associated with startup costs. Surely no one with enough sense to manufacture light bulbs could believe that the use of a certain kind bulb will change the climate. Personnaly I have hundreds of incandescents stored and never intend to use the covoluted faulty logic bulbs.

  4. sean2829 Says:

    The real irony is if you did have a “Boston Light Bulb Party” where you did throw them into Boston Harbor, the “enviro-friendly” bulb would create a real environmental catastrophe because of the mercury that would be released.

  5. adrianvance Says:

    Frankly I like the new light bulbs. They are cheap to run and a great source of poison for the neighbor’s nasty dogs and your own nasty wives. Much cheaper than divorce.

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