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More Al Gore lobbying $$$

July 30, 2009

The Climate Protection Action Fund, a subsidiary of Al Gore’s Repower America, paid $60,000 to the Glover Park Group during the second quarter of 2009 for lobbying on Waxman-Markey.

We earlier reported that Al Gore’s venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, paid $100,000 in lobbying fees so far in 2009.

Al Gore failed to disclose any of this when he testified in April before Congress in favor of Waxman-Markey.

Click here for the CPAF lobbying report.

ClimateWire reports that a Gore spokesman failed to respond to several requests for comment. No matter. Had the Gore camp responded, it likely would have been with a face similar to that below, when Al Gore denied at the April House hearing that he had any business relationship with Goldman Sachs.


All hail Belchatow…

July 24, 2009

Below is a photo of Poland’s Belchatow power plant, the largest single carbon dioxide emitter in Europe — about 31 million metric tons annually.

Belchatow is driving European greens nuts as it plans to increase its generating capacity by 20% next year — even though this means buying more emission allowances. Belchatow also signals the failure of the European emissions trading scheme, the British green group Sandbag told ClimateWire.

So for being the largest emitter of life-giving CO2 in Europe and simultaneously helping to sabotage the Kyoto Protocol, let’s take a moment to venerate the aptly named Belchatow.

Poland's Belchatow power plant: Drives greens nuts

Poland's Belchatow power plant: Drives greens nuts

California Screaming: Wind, solar lobbies to squeeze taxpayers amid budget crisis

July 22, 2009

Amid the worst budget crisis in its history, the state of California is set to make things worse at the behest of the wind and solar industries.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is set to increase the state’s so-called renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to 33% by 2020, up from 20% — meaning that one-third of the electricity produced in the state must come from so-called renewable sources like wind and solar, according to a report in Restructuring Today.

To meet that standard, the utility industry will need to spend an estimated $115 billion over the next 10-plus years. Given that only about $23.5 billion in financing was available annually for renewable projects nationwide before the financial crisis, the new standard would require that California utilities obtain about 50% of available funding each year.

CARB chairman Mary Nichols, a Democrat appointed by Gov. Schwarzenegger and a former Clinton administration EPA appointee, admitted to Restructuring Today that,

It’s going to be a challenge to reach that goal without negatively impacting reliability or leading to huge cost boosts for consumers.

A California Senate consultant told Restructuring Today that since the state’s budget crisis has been “temporarily” resolved, the bill containing the new standard is likely to pass and be signed into law this September.

The new standard will essentially require that each man, woman and child in California borrow about $3,108 in principal alone to pay for it — that is, the privilege of paying higher electricity prices for no environmental gain.

Great! Recession helps UK meet Kyoto limits

July 21, 2009

The ongoing global recession has reduced UK productivity so much that the nation’s CO2 emissions are below the levels set by the Kyoto Protocol, reports the Guardian.

But don’t expect the greens top be happy about it. Sandbag’s Bryony Worthington told The Guardian that,

“With too many rights to pollute in circulation, the [Kyoto emissions trading scheme] is in danger of being rendered irrelevant. At a time when other countries are looking to set up their own trading schemes and the world is set to debate a global deal on how to tackle climate change, [this] flagship policy urgently needs rescuing – starting with much tougher caps.”

So a recession isn’t good enough for the greens. We need a depression.

Smart Democrat of the day: Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer

July 20, 2009

Listen to Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) shock Bill Maher with the news that he doesn’t support cap-and-trade.

Manufacturers go Judas: 1.5% of allowances is the new ’30 pieces of silver’

July 20, 2009

American manufacturers are ready to sell America down the river if they can get an extra 1.5 percent of the CO2 emission allowances allocated in the Waxman-Markey bill.

In a July 15 letter, the American Materials Manufacturing Alliance (comprised of the Aluminum Association, American Chemistry Council, American Forest & Paper Association and the American Iron and Steel Institute) asked Sen.  Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to increase the free allowances allocated to energy-intensive manufacturers from 13.5% to 15% percent — a modification “valued at billions of dollars over the life of the program.”

Beyond the “30 pieces of silver” nature of the manufacturers’ request, granting it would mean that some other special interests would have to lose 1.5% of free allowances — so look for an intensified struggle among  the rent-seeking thieves for the free taxpayer money that free allowances represent. Over the life of Waxman-Markey, Congress would issue $9 trillion worth of allowances.

Here are the Judases that are willing to betray America to the Marxist-Socialists for an extra 1.5% of Waxman-Markey’s free allowances:

Steel's Tom Gibson

Steel's Tom Gibson

Aluminum's Steve Larkin

Aluminum's Steve Larkin

AFPA's Donna Harman

AFPA's Donna Harman

Chemical's Cal Dooley

Cal Dooley: Willing to screw America for Waxman-markey lite

Sharkholm syndrome: Empathy for sharks… from victims?

July 16, 2009

Shark attack victims testified on Capitol Hill yesterday in favor of a nationwide ban on shark-finning — the practice of cutting-off a shark’s dorsal fin and throwing back the rest, reports Energy & Environment Daily.

Recruited to testify by the Pew Environment Group, Al Brennika was attacked in 1976 while surfing by a 7-foot lemon shark. He testified that,

“I was limbed. They get finned. It gives me … empathy for their situation.”

Brennika was one of several shark-attack victims at the hearing apparently suffering from Jaws-version of Stockholm syndrome.

That’s today’s insight into the mind of an environmentalist and the nutty way environmental policy is made in Washington, DC.

Chemical industry sells out America? (Pt.2)

July 14, 2009

On July 10, this blog criticized the American Chemistry Council for trying to ameliorate rather than to kill Waxman-Markey.

Unhappy with that characterization of its efforts, an ACC spokesperson e-mailed us requesting a correction:

We have specifically expressed concerns and noted that the bill needs work. ACC is not supporting nor opposing the House climate bill (that has moved to the Senate). We are neutral on the bill as a whole and have specific, pointed concerns that we have expressed about the bill.

But unless ACC means that the “work” that the bill “needs” is its utter destruction, then no correction is warranted.

There is no upside to making energy more expensive and handing over control of our economy to Marxist-socialist greens. Even if ACC succeeded in its effort to enact a Waxman-Markey lite, such a bill would still establish a mechanism for the future ratcheting-down of its provisions.

ACC’s claim of “neutrality” on Waxman-Markey is embarrassing. It doesn’t know what side its on? It doesn’t care?

To its ever-lasting infamy, Sweden claimed neutrality during World War II. Is that the sort of legacy the chemical industry wants?

Chemical industry meatballs

Chemical industry meatballs

Is Obama laundering federal money to GE through Michigan?

June 30, 2009

General Electric is getting yet more taxpayer money, possibly laundered federal money, to subsidize its business.

A GE press release announced that the state of Michigan will provide GE with $60 million to build a $100 million “technology & software center” — what used to be known as an “office building.”

While the source of the Michigan subsidy could be Michigan taxpayers, given how strapped the state is from auto industry losses, it’s quite possible that the Obama administration is funneling U.S. taxpayer stimulus money through Michigan to GE.

Michigan’s budget problems are so severe, after all,  that the state has offered to house prisoners from California’s burgeoning prisons.

We reported in May that GE received $55 million in taxpayer subsidies to build a hybrid locomotive battery plant in New York.

You can almost hear GE CEO Jeff Immelt, who sits on President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, chanting to the President, “Give me the money.” In return, Immelt, the new corporate welfare queen, is helping Presdient Obama advance his global warming and health care agendas.

Inslee: W-M opponents lack imagination

June 26, 2009

Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) today said that opponents of Waxman-Markey lack imagination. We went to the moon, why can’t we get off foreign oil, he asked.