Scoundrel CFL makers lobby against consumers

March 9, 2011

Light bulb makers, in the form of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, will be testifying against a repeal of the 2007 federal light bulb law on March 10 before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The trade group and its member firms have been making their lobbying rounds on Capitol Hill this week. According to the Clean Energy Report,

In arguing for keeping the standards, industry is citing the potential for any repeal to increase energy costs for consumers and undercut years of preparation by the industry for the new standards.

There is no evidence that these standards are anything but a giant consumer rip-off — i.e., we pay more for faulty and inferior bulbs under the false guises of saving the planet from global warming and energy efficiency.

Who wants to sponsor a “Boston light bulb party”?

Oregon Dems attack climate skeptic’s children

March 7, 2011

Democrat-run Oregon State University is apparently retaliating against climate skeptic and congressional candidate Dr. Art Robinson by taking action without cause against his three graduate student children.

Robinson put together the petition against climate alarmism signed by 31,000+ U.S. scientists and unsuccessfully challenged Rep. Peter DeFazio in OR-4 last year.

This could make Climategate look like a parking ticket.

Sierra Club chief admits lobbying for business

March 3, 2011

At the Wall Street Journal ECO:nomics conference today, Sierra Club chief Carl Pope casually mentioned that the Sierra Club sits down with corporations having environmental regulatory problems and then uses its expertise in “changing public policy” to help the corporation solve its problem with the government — a novel role for a non-profit organization that is supposed to be working in the public interest. Pope didn’t mention whether the Sierra Club is paid for its “expertise,” but perhaps some of its corporate donors could answer that question.

CAGW hysteria risks public health

March 3, 2011

Activists love to talk about the hypothetical far-future “health risks” of a less-cold planet. They are not so keen to discuss the very real harms caused by their hysterical anti-carbon claims here and now. We at are not so reticent.

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Shell wants you to walk

March 2, 2011

At the annual Rentseekers Ball (aka the Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics Conference), Royal Dutch Shell gave attendees room-warming gifts — pedometers, with a note that was headlined “Take the First Step.” If they want us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions so much, why do they sell us gasoline?

How to speed nuke permits: ‘Issue them’

March 1, 2011

At today’s House Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing on EPA’s job killing greenhouse gas regulations, Rep. Cory Power (R-CO) asked panel witness Dan Reicher — a longtime anti-nuke campaigner trying to position himself as some sort of “clean energy” expert — what could be done to accelerate the issuance of nuke plant permits.

While Reicher stammered and temporized, another witness (possibly W. David Montgomery of Charles River Associates) took the microphone and ironically declared, “Issue them.”

‘Clean energy’ central planning misfires in India

March 1, 2011

New Dehli’s experiment with “clean” natural gas turned out to be not so clean after all. Read the rest of this entry »

Arizona Public Service proposes ratepayer rip-off

March 1, 2011

Arizona Public Service is proposing a rate package that includes “decoupling” — i.e.: Read the rest of this entry »

Is Obama With Eye On ’12 Mulling An EPA Rollback?

February 28, 2011

By Steve Milloy
March 1, 2011, Investor’s Business Daily

It looks as though President Obama may have decided that getting re-elected in 2012 is more important than saving the planet from the much-dreaded global warming. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Obama prepping the left for bad news on EPA?

February 28, 2011

The coincidence of:

  • Sen. Sherrod Brown’s letter to Obama about EPA regs;
  • Pew Center chief Eileen Claussen’s “prediction” in today’s Guardian about Obama; and
  •’s howling about the Brown letter,

may be signs that Obama is preparing his base for the impending news that the EPA will be delaying implementation of its greenhouse gas regulations by two years.

And, no, a two year delay is most certainly not good enough — it’s just a ploy to help Obama skate through the 2012 election.